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Academy Villas Amenities 3: Social Activities

 Academy Villas Amenities 3: Social Activities

Academy Villas Amenities are designed to provide ways of staying physically and mentally active and socially involved.  Thus, this blog will discuss the third amenity–those that help residents stay socially involved. Research indicates that social interaction may be as important as physical activity for seniors.  A social lifestyle helps seniors maintain a sharp mind, increase feelings of happiness, and connect to the world around them.

Party Time

Academy Villas Party Time

Academy Villas Party Time

In addition to the afternoon beverage and cheese time, a number of parties are planned around holidays, residents’ birthdays, and other events.  These parties bring residents together in a relaxed and fun atmosphere, sometimes with family, guests and residents from the village.

Meal Time

Of great interest to residents is meal time.  They love the excellent food.  But they also like to talk with others about current events, their children, books they have read, etc. They often talk about what they have learned at the various events sponsored by the Arizona Senior Academy.  Thus, it is a happy time for all residents.

Family and Friends

Academy Villas Friends and Family  Academy Villas Family and Friends

Friends and family are always welcome at Academy Villas.  Family members often attend special occasions such as birthdays and holiday parties.  Residents love to see the younger children in the Villas. Further, dogs often accompany  guests which garners an additional smile on the residents faces.  For example, in the first picture, some family members of residents are attending the Halloween Party at the villas.  And the second picture shows a resident and his daughter enjoying a quiet talk while viewing the spectacular Rincon mountains.

Village Activities

Academy Villas Social Activities
Academy Village sponsors many social activities to which the Villas Residents are invited.  These include the yearly Ladies’ Tea (above), Friday afternoon Wine and Cheese events, and Art Gallery openings.  Further, Villas residents are welcome to take various classes and workshops that involve working with others in the community.  For example, the art classes have involved many of the Villas residents in art activities with village residents, and many friendships ensue.  

All in all, the social activities abound in the Villas, helping residents maintain a positive outlook on life through having a lot of fun with others.








Academy Villas is A Special Place to Live

Academy Villas: A Special Place Gerald (Chief) Garrison with two Great-Grandchildren

Academy Villas is A Special Place to Live

Many know that Academy Villas is a Special Place to Live. But this month, Gerald (Chief) Garrison’s family wrote a long letter in the Vail Voice, (July, 2017, p. 5) describing their Dad’s experience there. Chief Garrison was a long-time resident of Academy Villas. It is a wonderful statement, and is included, in full,  below.

Academy Villas: Your Only Choice 

“Our father, Gerald (Chief) Garrison became a resident of Academy Villas in Dec 2010 shortly after they opened their doors.  He was fortunate to spend the last 6  1/2 years of his life at such a warm, caring, friendly and professional community. He loved playing cards with all of his friends.  Loved to eat the great meals that were prepared for the residents. 

He enjoyed socializing with anyone that visited and became the official “welcome wagon” of the “home” as he liked to call it.  If not for the excellent care he was given during his time there, we know he wouldn’t have been able to live to a rip age of 91 1/2 years! Sadly, he passed away in May, but he did it the way he wanted.  He was with his friends and “family” at the Academy until the end.

If you, a loved one, or a friend are looking for a place to call home in your final years, Academy Villas should be your only choice.  Words cannot express out gratitude for the excellent care he was given.

Thank you to the entire team.”

–The family of Chief Garrison


Academy Villas Amenities 2: Staying Mentally Active

Academy Villas Amenities 2: Staying Mentally Active

Academy Villas Amenities are designed to provide ways of staying physically and mentally active and socially involved.  This blog will discuss the various amenities that help residents stay mentally active. It is important to note that he basic cost of staying in the Villas includes all of these amenities–extra costs are not added on.

Talks, Discussions, and Workshops

Staying mentally active is important in contributing to the happiness and well-being of all people, particularly the aging.  Fortunately, the Arizona Senior Academy (ASA) provides lectures, talks, and workshops to residents of the Villas and the AcademyVillage/Altura.  For example, here is the monthly ASA schedule for July, 2017. In addition to lectures and workshops, Villas residents take other workshops offered by the ASA such as “Watercolor Art”, and “How to get the most our of your IPhone”.

Reading Opportunities

Academy Villas Library

Academy Villas provide many opportunities for picking up a good book, newspaper or magazine, and spending a morning, afternoon or evening  reading.  The new building has a lovely library, full of interesting books, magazines, and movies. There is also a library in the Arizona Senior Academy building that is available to Villas residents. And the Pima County Bookmobile stops at the Village once a month.  Here is an interesting video of the Bookmobile.

With all these opportunities to select a book, and the wonderfully quiet and comfortable spaces in the Villas, residents can spend time engaged in a fascinating book or magazine. There are also opportunities in Academy Village/Altura to join with others in discussing books and articles.

Games and Cards

Academy Villas Game Table

As you walk through the Villas, you may see a group of residents playing cards.  This is a favorite activity.  In addition, the new library now contains a game table, allowing residents to play chess, checkers, backgammon and other games. Residents have fun participating in these games with friends, and residents engage in important mental activities when they participate.

Musical Programs

Academy Villas Guitar recital

Musical Programs are a common event in the Villas.  From carol singing to folk singer/guitarists, the Villas provides small musical events for the pleasure of the residents.  In addition, the Arizona Senior Academy sponsors musical events every week. The ASA and the University of Arizona music department have a special relationship that brings musicians from all over the world to Academy Village/Altura.  Villas residents enjoy these events that take place every Tuesday at 11:30-12:30 a.m.







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